Group of preschoolers paying attention and trying to answer the teachers question at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hampton Roads, VA

For Your Child’s Development


All we want for our child is the best for them. We always want them to have the finest in life, especially their early childhood education.

Education is their foundation. Learning a lot of things at such a young age is very beneficial for them. It helps them get ready or equipped before enrolling them in elementary school.

Sending your child to a daycare center is a good way to provide them childhood education. Of course, it is also good to teach them at home on your own, but it is better to surround them with other kids and adults so that they can learn how to socialize with other people and make friends.

We have established a daycare center in Virginia Beach, Virginia, for the betterment of your kid’s progress. Our primary purpose here at First Discovery Children’s Academy is to provide a safe and secure environment for your kids.

We offer services that can help with your child’s early childhood education in Virginia. We have caregivers ready to take care of your children and guide them throughout the process of learning.

We extended our services on the other side of Virginia. Our childcare in Newport News is there to serve and provide kids and parents the benefits of a daycare center.

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