A Secure And Loving Environment

Nurturing Your Child to Encourage Their Learning and Growth

Nursery baby boy crawling on floor indoors at home at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hampton Roads, VA

A Secure And Loving Environment

Nurturing Your Child to Encourage Their Learning and Growth

Infants | Hampton Roads, VA | 6 weeks - 16 months

Daily Routines That Build Confidence and Support Growth

The ease of a daily routine naturally builds a positive relationship between your sweet baby and their caregiver. Creating this bond of trust is essential for nurturing your child’s developing skills and allows them to flourish, wholly content, and with confidence in their learning. Individualized feeding and sleeping schedules for your baby provides you consistency with your home routine, making your life easier and your baby happier.
Happy cute little baby boy enjoying the storytelling of the teacher at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hampton Roads, VA
Teacher reading and storytelling to the babies at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hampton Roads, VA

Daily Spanish and Baby Sign Language Start Self-Expression and Language Skills Early

Introducing your baby to sign language allows them to communicate their needs much earlier, decreasing their frustration, and enhancing their self-esteem. Exposing your child to a second language has an incredible effect on their developing brain, with many far-reaching life-long benefits, like adaptability and even better memory. We believe daily language enrichments are a crucial first step in your baby’s learning.

Our Loving Team of Experts Focus On Connection and Problem-Solving

Our team members are hand-selected for their patience, caring, and empathy towards children and each other alike. It’s essential that very young children feel safe and secure with their caregivers, and in their day-to-day environment. It’s natural for children to display challenging behaviors, which is why our team is trained to redirect them expertly and to navigate stressful situations from a calm and centered state. This turns a problematic situation into an incredible learning opportunity for your child.
Cute babies playing around with their toys being watched by a teacher while singing to them a nursery rhyme at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hampton Roads, VA
Smiling cute little baby boy at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hampton Roads, VA

Keeping Our Spaces Clean Keeps Your Baby Healthy

We safeguard your child’s health and stop the spread of germs by keeping our classrooms fresh and clean. Not only do teachers keep spaces clean and tidy, but a cleaning service comes in every evening to do a deep clean of the rooms, and to thoroughly sanitize all surface areas, toys, and stations.

Peanut-Free, Nutritious Meals, and Healthy Snacks Provided

Being mindful of each baby’s dietary needs, we consult with you to establish their feeding schedule. We support your baby as they take their first bites of healthy foods and begin to eat solids. We gently encourage children to try new fruits and vegetables and provide pureed or smaller portions for natural chewing. For our infants, Simply Right Infant Formula (Sam’s Club brand) is provided as needed, all at no extra cost to you.
A toddler being watched by another one and a teacher mixing some leafy vegetables and cooked ground pork in a bowl using a spatula at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hampton Roads, VA
Teacher guiding a toddler putting some white powder on a brown plate at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Hampton Roads, VA

Brightwheel™ Parent Communication App for Absolute Ease Of Communication

Communicating with your child’s caregiver is quickly done with our comprehensive communication app, Brightwheel™. You can message them and collaborate. We aim to tailor your baby’s care to your specifications, we share observations, photos, and videos of your baby, so you don’t miss out on any part of their day.

parent reviews

My son has been attending first discovery since he was six weeks old. It has been a wonderful experience. The staff takes the time to talk to you and get to know your kid even if they are not in their classroom. The staff is well trained and experienced. They are dedicated to your child’s development. The thing I love the best is that it feels like a family. A whole set of teachers helping you along the way, always ready to give advice if you need it. I am so glad I found them for childcare for my child and would definitely recommend them to anyone who asks!

Jennifer Tanner

From the moment our family first walked into First Discovery we knew that this was the place to leave our most precious cargo as life called us away. The administration staff strives to maintain standards of excellence for the families that they serve. They are always helpful, cheerful and welcoming. The teachers at First Discovery are truly amazing. Our daughter has been in their care since she was five months old and she has not known an unhappy day since she has been in their charge. Every staff member that we have encountered have been consummate professionals, friendly and nurturing. Our daughter now walks into school every morning and is greeted by name and with a smile by every teacher she encounters. She has thrived physically, emotionally, academically and socially at First Discovery. It really does take a village to raise a child. Thank you First Discovery for helping our family with the most important job we have, being parents.

The Massie Family

The staff at First Discovery is truly wonderful, caring and patient. They accepted our son with open arms and made him feel safe, loved and confident. His teachers were always willing to speak with us about his day during pick up time. We were always please with the way he was treated and felt that they really had his best interest at heart. I would highly recommend First Discovery to anyone looking for a positive, encouraging environment for their child(ren).

Shannon Wells

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